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Trail Of The Pink Panther (Soundtrack)
Trail of the Pink Panther 01.  The Trail Of The Pink Panther - Henry Mancini
02. The Greatest Gift - Henry Mancini/Hal David
03. Hong Kong Fireworks - Henry Mancini
04.  A Shot In The Dark - Henry Mancini
05. Simone - Henry Mancini
06. It Had Better Be Tonight - Henry Mancini/Johnny Mercer
07. The Easy Life In Paris - Henry Mancini
08. Come To Me - Henry Mancini
09. Bier Fest Polka - Henry Mancini
10.  After The Shower - Henry Mancini
11. The Inspector Clouseau Theme - Henry Mancini
12. The Return Of The Pink Panther - Henry Mancini

Pink Panther Strikes Again (Soundtrack)
The Pink Panther Strikes Again
01. Main Title from "The Pink Panther Strikes Again" MPEG Sample
02. The Inspector Clouseau Theme MPEG Sample
03. The Great Quasimodo Disguise
04. Bier Fest Polka
05. Come To Me (Instrumental)
06. Until You Love Me
07. Come To Me - Vocal by Tom Jones MPEG Sample
08. Along Came Omar
09. Until You Love Me (Instrumental)
10. The Inspector Clouseau Theme (Reprise)
11. The Evil Theme
12. Exodus From The Castle
13. How
14. The Plan/The Snatch
15. Until You Love Me (Alternate Instrumental Version)
16. The Doomsday Machine
17. Organ Interlude By The Ex-Chief Inspector Dreyfus
18. End Credits

Revenge Of The Pink Panther (Soundtrack)
01.   (Main Title) The Pink Panther Theme
02.   Simone
03.   Give Me Some Mo'!
04.   Thar She Blows
05.   Balls' Caprice
06. Move 'Em Out!
07. A Touch Of Red
08. After The Shower
09. Hong Kong Fireworks
10. Almond Eyes
11. The Pink Panther Theme
12. Thank Heaven For Little Girls

Henry Mancini Greatest Hits/Pink Panther
Mancini's Greatest Hits 01.  Theme From The Pink Panther
02.  Moon River From Breakfast At Tiffany's
03.  Days Of Wine And Roses From Days Of Wine And Roses
04.  It Had Better Be Tonight From The Pink Panther
05.  Arctic Whale Hunt From The White Dawn
06. Theme From Mr. Lucky
07. Theme From Hatari
08. Theme From The Thorn Birds
09. Charade From Charade
10. Moment To Moment From Moment To Moment
11. Symphonic Soul
12. Drummers' Delight
13. March From The Great Waldo Pepper
14. Two For The Road From Two For The Road
15. Theme From The Molly Maguires
16. Dear Heart From Dear Heart
17. Theme From Breakfast At Tiffany's
18. Speedy Gonzales From Mr. Lucky
19. Punch And Judy From Charade
20. March With Mancini
21. Baby Elephant Walk From Hatari
22. Theme From Peter Gunn
23. Strings On Fire!
24. Finale From Victor/Victoria

Henry Mancini In The Pink
Henry Mancini - In The Pink 01.  The Pink Panther
02.  Meggie's Theme
03.  Breakfast At Tiffany's
04.  Pennywhistle Jig
05.  Crazy World
06. 'The Thorn Birds' Theme
07. Pie In The Face Polka
08. Baby Elephant Walk
09. Two For The Road
10. Speedy Gonzales
11. Theme From 'The Molly Maguires'
12. Medley: Days Of Wine & Roses/Charade/Moon River
13. Cameo For Flute '...for James'

In The Pink (Ultimate Collection 2 CDs)
In the Pink: the Utlimate Collection 01. Pink Panther Theme
02. Moon River
03. Days Of Wine & Roses
04. Baby Elephant Walk
05. Theme From Hatari
06. Charade
07. Thorn Birds Theme
08. Blue Satin
09. Two For The Road
10. Mr Lucky
11. Theme From The Molly Magu
12. Moment To Moment
13. As Time Goes By
14. A Shot In The Dark
15. Misty
16. Theme From Love Story
17. Penny Whistle Jig
18. Everything I Do ( I Do It
19. Moonlight Sonata
20. Tender Is The Night
21. Theme From Mommie Dearest
22. Crazy Worlk
23. Mona Lisa
24. Peter Gunn
25. Unchained Melody
26. Summer Knows
27. Experiment In Terror
28. Windmills Of Your Mind
29. Till There Was You
30. Speedy Gonzales
31. Sweetheart Tree
32. Love Theme From Romeo & Juliette
33. Dream A Little Dream Of M
34. Lonesome
35. Pie In The Face Polka
36. Love Is A Many Splendored
37. By The Time I Get To Phoe
38. Dear Heart
39. Charade (Opening Titles)
40. Shadow Of Your Smile
41. One For My Baby
42. Breakfast At Tiffany's
43. That Old Black Magic
44. Evergreen
45. Midnight Cowboy
46. Raindrops Keep Falling On

Shots In The Dark (Limited Edition Pink Panther Vinyl) / VA
01. Banzai Pipeline
02. Baby Elephant Walk
03. Peter Gunn
04. Charade [instrumental]
05. Something for Cat
06. Mr. Lucky
07. Pink Panther Theme
08. Lonesome
09. Party
10. Monkey Farm
11. Shot in the Dark
12. Touch of Evil
13. Days of Wine and Roses
14. Dreamsville
15. Push the Button, Max!
16. Charade [vocal]
17. Mr. Yunioshi
18. Arabesque
19. Experiment in Terror
20. Moon River
1996 Rock Version with the following artists:
Tim Aaron: Guitar
Josh Agle: Guitar, Guitar (Rhythm)
Davie Allan: Guitar
Scott Amendola: Drums
Dave Aronson: Guitar
Chris Barfield: Guitar
Andy Bartel: Bass, Fuzz Bass, Guitar (Electric)
Stephanie Bennett: Harp
Don Bonebrake: Drums, Vibraphone
Matthew Brubeck: Bass, Cello
Joe Burns: Bass, Guitar, Organ
Joey Burns: Bass, Guitar, Organ
Mike Burns: Drums
Jeff Cairns: Guitar
Ralph Carney: Saxophone
Dean Cassell: Bass
Rob Cassell: Bass
Peter Curry: Drums
Mike D'Amico: Drums
Dennis Davison: Guitar (Electric), Stylophone
Vincenzo Deleden: Percussion, Sax (Tenor)
Harry Drumdini: Drums
Bill Elm: Guitar (Steel), Space Phone
Lorne Entress: Drums
Mark Fontana: Bass
Teddy Freese: Drums
Joe Gore: Guitar
Probyn Gregory: Trumpet
Steve Hill: Bass
Jenny Homer: Vocals
Woody Jackson: Guitar, Horn (Alto)
Hana Kokolete: Drums
Tom Larkins: Percussion
Jonathan Lea: Guitar (Electric)
Shag Lono: Guitar
Jason Mason: Accordion
Tom Maxwell: Drums
Poison Ivy: Guitar
David Provost: Bass
Milt Reder: Guitar
Darian Sahanaja: Keyboards, Vocals
Dave Scholl: Saxophone
Craig Schumacher: Trumpet
Craig Schumacker: Trumpet
Joey Sehee: Vocals
Jack Skelley: Guitar, Guitar (Rhythm)
Joe Skutvich: Guitar, Guitar (Rhythm)
Slim Chance: Bass
Mark Sproull: Guitar
Ron Sures: Bass
Mudhammed Surphraaka-Jabbar: Drums
Gabriel Tenorio: Clarinet, Cornet
Bron Tieman: Guitar (Steel)
Jeff Utterback: Drums
Dan Valentie: Guitar
Hank Van Sickle: Bass
Grant Vander Slice: Bass
Nan Vernon: Vocals
Blairich Von Damoclese: Bass
Lord Wahini: Farfisa Organ
Nick Walusko: Guitar, Vocals
Patrick Warren: Optigan
Brandon Wells: Percussion
David Winogrand: Drums
Jay Wurke: Flute

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