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Clouseau: Does yer dewg bite?
Inn Keeper: No
Clouseau: Nice Doggy (bends down to pet a dachshund - it snarls and bites him)
I thought you said yer dewg did not bite!
Inn Keeper: Zat... iz not my dog!
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Clouseau: Do you have a REUM?
Inn Keeper: I do not know what a REUM iz!
Clouseau: Zimma
Inn Keeper: Ahhh.. a RRRUUUMMM!
Clouseau: That is what I have been saying you idiot! REUM!
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Housekeeper: You've ruined that piano!
Clouseau: What is the price of one piano, compared to the terrible crime that has been committed here
Housekeeper: But that's a priceless Steinway!
Clouseau: Nyot Anymeur.
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Scenes Scenes
This IZ Chief Inspector Clouseau speaking on the pheaun
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Movie Scene Scenes
Special delivery, a behm, were you expecting one?.. A Behm? Ahhhaaaahhhaaaoooww
15   Do you have a lisonce.... Are you blind?
14   Dreyfus: MINKEY??? You said MINKEY!!!
Clouseau: Yes... a Chimpanzee Minkey
14   François: Gesundheit!
Clouseau: Yes, I kneow that, I kneow that
12 Audio (WAV) wav (25k) Kato, my little yellow friend, I am home!
11   "Do you have a massage for me?"
9   You killed him in a rit of fealous jage!
9 Audio (WAV) wav (40k)
Movie Scene Scenes
Swine Moat !
9 Audio (WAV) wav (42k) François: Do you know what kind of a bomb it was?
Clouseau: Yes, the exploding kind
8   You have ra-ceived a bimp, One could get a concusion from such a bimp
8 Audio (WAV) wav (39k) Until we meet again and the case is sol-ved
7 Audio (WAV) wav (189k)
Movie Scene Scenes
Mehrder??..what Mehrder?
7 Audio (WAV) wav (29k) Is there anybody hiding there in the dark?
7 Audio (WAV) wav (259k)
Movie Scene Scenes
I was known as the Pavlover of the parallels... Ah yes... Yes, It's all coming back to me now...
6 Audio (WAV) wav (66k)
Movie Scene Scenes
Well.. That felt good. (after dismounting the parallel bars onto the stairway)
6 Audio (WAV) wav (10k) Relax, I'll get it. (said to Kato after Clouseau knocks him unconscious)
6   I am here to fix the problem with yer pheaun
5   Kato? ..... Kaetooouu!! .. This is your employer speaking....I am calling off the attack......
5   Kato, the phewn is rrrengeng!
5 Movie Scene Scenes Ehh, scungili, ziti, Al Pacino, viva zapata
4   Not now Kato
4   I arrest you all in the name of the leahw!
4   Ahh... The old closet ploy, I do enjoy a good closet ploy
4 Audio (WAV) wav (114k) Ahh... Now we are getting somewhere!
3   Yeu need a neuw FLINT! (said to Dreyfus as he is trying to shoot Clouseau, who thinks the gun is a lighter)
3 Movie Scene Scenes Thar she blows! (inflatible parrot )
3   Kato! You have turned my apartment into a..a..Chinese nooky factory!
3   I suggest you count your bees, you may find that one of them is missing
3   Here's looking at yeuh, kid
2   Simone: Your jacket!
Clouseau: Yes, I kneaw it iz my jacket.
Simone: No... It's on fire!
2   You'll catch your death of cold. Clouseau: Yes, yes I probably will but... its all part of life's rich pagentry you kneau.
2   You were the Chief Inspector...before you went crazy.
2   Monsier Ballon: Would you see the body?
Clouseau: I..I.. would be delighted!!!
2   Professor Auguste Balls: When duty've got balls!
2   What do we know..
ONE.. That the professor and his daughter have been kidnapped
TWO... That someone has kid-nap-ped them and
2 Movie Scene Scenes Wait 'til you see the full effect with the himp!!
2 Audio (WAV) wav (91k) This is a very serious matter and everyone is this reuoom is under the suspicions
2   The greater the odds the greater the challange!
2   Swine Rabbit
2   Swine Maid !
2   Swine Bird !
2   Straange..Very straange
2   Sir Phantom the notorious Litton
2   Singing to the woman in his bed
2 Video (MOV) mov (676 K)
Scenes Scenes
2 Video (MOV)mov (1 mb) Now Kato, warm up the Silver Hornet.
2   Merde!
2   Madame, that is by far the ugliest nose I have ever seen and I compliment you on it, it suits you!
2   I was examining the wex!
2   I have fixed your doorbell from the ringing, there will be no charge
2 Video (MOV) mov (927k) I am opposed to the women's libs. Man is the master and women's place is in the... (gets whipped) hhhaaaaaaa
2   Good evening commisonaire, how are you, your lovely wife and all the little commisionaires!
2   Good Sharkey Colonel God! We were just talking about you.
2 Audio (WAV) wav (94k) Dreyfus: "Good? He is not good, he's terrible, he's the worst.. there is not any man like him anywhere in the world!"
2   Dreyfus: "Don't just stand there, help me find my nose!"
2   Does Monsieur Charles Litton 'ave a sweemang poohl?
2   Do I detect something in your voice that says I'm in disfavour with you?
2   Clouseau: And who are yeu ?
Jarvis: I'm Jarvis, the butler.
Clouseau: And what is it yeu deu..?
2   Ahh... The old take off all your clothes ploy!
1   Your architect should have his head examined (after Clouseau walks into the wall instead of the doorway)
1   Yes, we've made quite a few changes since you went crazy.
1   Yes, my wife is very frugal
1   Yeu Kneow
1   Wex? ... What wex?
1   Was it hard in the resistance? Yes, but not as hard as it is now?
1   Valet, VALET! Please send up...well please send down my brown suit immediately, faster please! I cannot wait for them, Cato help me get dressed. Give me Paris, France Trocadero 371...
1   Clouseau: This is a door??
Jarvis: Yes, that is a door
Clouseau: Yes, I kneow that... I kneow that
1   There is a time and a place for everything Kato! This is it! ...( Fly drop kick into Japanese kitchen. )
1   Clouseau: That man is crahzy!
Nurse: We don't use that word around here,sir
Clouseau: Then what word do yeu use?
Nurse: Now now...
Clouseau: That man is very now now !
1   That is why I have failed where others have succeeded
1   That is what I have been saying you "fewl"
1   That hurt!
1   Ten seconds, thats nothing, I can easily be out of here in three.
1   Swine Parrot! That is my own personal mustache!
1 Audio (WAV) wav (117k)
Movie Scene Scenes
See that the back door and the front door are luhcked while I slip into my hunchback disguise, kyyoo...
1 Movie Scene Scenes Pumpin' air'n in the birdin
1   Poor Kato...they nearly blew his little yellow skin off!
1   One more outburst like that, and I'll have your stripes (said to a Sgt. in a Zebra costume)
1   Olga maybe many things, but she is not a one-eyed hunchback
1 Movie Scene Scenes Oh the bells, the bells, they deffin me
1   Oh commisioner how are you and all the little commisioners?
1 Audio (WAV) wav (24k) Monsieur..Don't try to be funnayyyy with me
1   Meorths? You were complaining about Meorths (Moths)
1   Leave that little Robin Hood boy alone!
1   Lady Litton: "What is it you do Guy?"
Clouseau ( as Guy Gadboise): "Well... yeu kneauw, a little bit of zis and a little bit of zat"
1   Kato, you fewl!
1   It won't be easy, that is why I have always failed where others have succeeded
1   It was hell down there!
1   It tastes very, bad that way (refering to backwards cigarette)
1   It nearly blew his little yellow skin off!!!!
1   Instinct Kato...
1 Movie Scene Scenes In order to get the full effect of the anasthaetics ...
1   If you say no to champange you say no to life
1   Clouseau: I'LL stand on YOUR shoulders
Kato: Why?
Clouseau: Because I'm taller than you are - you fewl!
1   I will prove to the world that Maria Gambrelli is innocent... of the crime!
1   I was attacked by a wandering transvestite
1   I want that nose (pointing at a real nose on a living person!)
1   I see they ra-paired your little yellow skin kato
1   I might even be pehrseuded to ruhn for the Peublic Office.
1 Audio (WAV) wav (173k) Clouseau: How leong have you been a bellboy?
Bellboy: Ohh.. too long monsieur
Clouseau: Well, keep up the geud work and I'll see that you become a bell-MAN.
1   I knew that!!
1   I call it the Green's neat, isn't it? It's in dying need of serrrrvice.
1   I bet his little yellow brain is thinking of something right now!
1   I am Inspector Clouseau and I am on official police business.
1 Audio (WAV) wav (149k) Clouseau: How could a blind man be a lookout?
Dreyfus: How can an idiot be a policeman? Answer me that!
Clouseau: Well, it's very simple...all you do is enlist and.....
Dreyfus: Shut up!
1   Hercule, you idiot, you've broken my pointing stick.
1   Hello old bean (when meeting the Lloyds rep in the first film)
1   Fortunately Professor Balls took refuge behind a case of inflatable goiters
1   First he's the cook...then he's the gardener
1 Audio (WAV) wav (179k)
Movie Scene Scenes
Ohhhh... Sixteen bottles on a dead man's rum, yo-ho-ho and a bottle of the chest.
1   Dreyus: Maria Gambrelli's the murderer, you are an Idiot!
1 Audio (WAV) wav (303k)
Movie Scene Scenes
Dreyfus: "There is only one man who could have pulled the wrong's Clouseau...Keel him, Keeellll himm"
1   Dreyfus: "Miss Juvais, come in, make yourself comfortable, pull up a clam."
1   Clouseau (on the telephone): And who am I speaking to?
Drefyus: This is the person that wants you killed more than anything in the world!
Clouseau: Are you the head waiter at the leetle Beestro on the Roudy Bouzzare?
1   Clouseau: Heeft u goed geslapen? Maria Gabrelli: No! In een cel slaap je niet goed! Clouseau: Klopt, dat meubilair in de gevangenis is oerlelijk!
1   Can I buy you a drink?... I see you have one... I shall get myself one...another kahlua and ginger ale!
1   All I require is a telephone, my little bag of tools, and some privacy with which to work. That is all I require

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